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Dawn of Private Space Science Symposium 2017 | #DPSS17

Dawn of Private Space Science 2017Bringing scientists, foundations, corporations, policy makers & private spacelines under one roof to chart the future of space science @ Columbia University
Source: Dawn of Private Space Science Symposium 2017 | #DPSS17

Crowdfunding 2.0

Crowdfunding 2.0: SEC just made it easier to buy shares in start-ups

Physics Crowdfunding Hackathon

Fiat Physica, the world’s premier crowdfunding platform, devoted to the success of physics, astronomy and space exploration, will celebrate its launch with a hackathon on Saturday October 24 at General Assembly. This hackathon invites scientists, educators, technologists, and communicators to participate in a day-long workshop where the Fiat Physica team and other experts in the field will help scientists craft crowdfunding campaigns to raise money for their research.
If you plan on attending please make sure that you have registered both on the General Assembly site ( as well as the Eventbrite page ( which keeps track of how you will be participating.

How to Create a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign for Physics, Astronomy, and Space

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A New Paradigm in Physics Funding

Funding for Physics has been on the decline in recent years. Theoretical physicist Mark Jackson decided to do something about it. He started Fiat Physica, an organization that raises money to support physics research. It looks like a promising endeavor. Take a look….Fiat Physica – A New Funding Paradigm