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What a great accomplishment! The first commercial human space launch using the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and the first manned launch from US soil in 9 years, since the retiring of the Space Shuttle program. “The trampoline is working!” – Elon Musk. Congratulations to all the people involved!  #nasa  #SpaceX  #iss  #CrewDragon #Falcon9 #elonmusk NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine

This should be an inspiration to the whole world. Look what we can accomplish when we work together, every human being no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation or nationality. We have lost the conversation about our common goals and need to start talking about them again, get the media to start talking about them again, get the politicians to start talking about them again, GET ALL OF HUMANITY to start talking about them again! Never in the history of mankind has division and hate lead to anything positive. Civilizations throughout history were built on cooperation and fell with division, not only division, but complacency. We must be forever vigilant in the fight for unity and peace. #peace #unity #human #humanity #cooperation #commongoals #overvieweffect

The crew from the SpaceX CrewDragon capsule is welcomed to the ISS.
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